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    Default Zimbra Email Search

    Hi all,

    often I am trying to find out who called me.
    In case I dont know the telephone number I am searching my emails. The signatures in the email body often contains them.

    Lets say, the telephone number is 004x (0) 1121 310231

    If I search for 310231 I find all emails from this sender.
    But if I use 10231 no email is found.
    Same for *10231.

    Any idea what I am doing wrong here?
    (I am using ZD 7.1.2 build 10978


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    The Search Tips are in the wiki, have a read of that page.


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    Thanks phonix,

    seems likt it is only possible to use the * after a prefix:

    From the search tips:
    Using * as a wildcard in Search

    The asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard in a search to find content that contains words that have similar spellings.

    Use the asterisk * as a wildcard after a prefix. For example, the search string do* returns items such as do, dog, door, etc.

    If I use 31023* i.e. I find the emails.

    Would be very nice if the * could be used in the beginning as well. Maybe an idea for a new feature?


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