I'm running Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 (build 10978) on several OS'es and machines. I'm a happy guy basically since I have been around almost from the git-go and have been waiting for 7.12 because my Yahoo accounts were toast on 'sendmessage'.

I upgraded last week, and everything went fine. Several stations (including my problem child) were still on a 1.x version, so everything was exported (but not restored) and a clean install was done. This machine is running Windows XP Media Center SP3.

after I installed ZD and let the first account sync, I noticed something very odd. In the 'search window'. the font is rendered (or substituted). Its ONLY a rendering problem. Whatever you type WORKS correctly, and the folder names may not be readable - BUT they are correct. In fact, if you cut or copy the text to another window (like this one) Its rendered correctly.

for instance
ABCDEF yields ^_`abc
1234567 yields NOPQRST

lowercase or CamelCase is unreadable (special characters)

I had researched this and 'thought' it might be a Java issue (although it did not occur in other Java apps i run). Nevertheless, I cleaned out my Java and installed clean with the current JDK for Windows. I had also seen references to the Windows Font cache - cleaned that out. No Dice

SO, I am at a total loss. Maybe I am missing a font or it is corrupt??? (what font is specified there)

What's rendered there is ` in:"drafts" ` (I cut & pasted into this window)

Any Ideas???