What is the easiest way to copy a persons email address?

-can't do it from the email itself - all that is there is the persons name.
1-view source and copy from headers (dumb #1)

2-highlight entire name of person and copy entire name, email address, brackets, and then edit. (still dumb and error prone #2)

3-click to other program where you need the email - then carefully mouse over persons name in zimbra - wait for popup, then type email into other program and pray you copied it right. (extremely dumb #3).

4- right click and add to contacts - then copy the contact email. (lets just say this is workable, but stupid #4)

When you do mouse over - there is this nice popup with the email address highlighted, and no way to copied it because you move the mouse and the popup is gone.

I copy an email address about 1 out of 7-10 emails (aleast 10 times a day)

Can't we have an option to "show email address" instead of the persons name? Yes name is important, but email address is MORE important. (yes, I've seen the bug/feature request for copying an email that's not the entire solution, I just want it shown and highlightable)

What am I missing here?