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Thread: My ZCS web calendar does not appear in Desktop Edition

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    Default My ZCS web calendar does not appear in Desktop Edition

    I am running current version of ZCS on 64 bit CentOS 5.7. I have one domain with 10 accounts and everything works great. I have recently installed Desktop Edition on my laptop, Ubuntu 11.1 64 bit, and everything works except the Calendar. As a test, I have also installed Desktop Edition on 32 bit Ubuntu 11.1 and Windows XP Pro. All OS's have the same result.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing special about my calendar in ZCS. I have several appointments and they all display properly when using the web interface but the web calendar and Desktop calendar will not sync.

    I have enabled debug logging when I created the Desktop Edition account but I'm not sure where to find the log files. Also, the Desktop Edition installation guide mentions a check box "to synchronize calendar, contacts, and groups" but I do not see this check box in account setup.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    zdesktop.log should be under /home/[username]/zdesktop/log. Please see if you could find any exception in it. THanks.

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    Default Found the problem

    Found the problem. When I created the zdesktop account I selected IMAP as the account type instead of Zimbra. Selecting Zimbra solved the calendar sync problem.

    The only nagging problem I have now is with the zdesktop Social tab. On 64 bit Ubuntu 11.1 it will not save my preferences or Facebook account. Every time I restart zdesktop I get the Welcome pop-up and all of the original windows are back. Facebook account is not there either.

    However, 32 bit 11.1 Ubuntu and XP Pro seem to function correctly.

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