Our company upgraded to Zimbra open source edition and for the most part it has worked very well. The only issue i've had is that users with lower spec desktops are having problems running Zimbra desktop 7.0. The problems include it being slow to start (5-10 minutes in some cases) and there are times when it gives the error that it cannot connect to the server, this has been fixed by ending bothZimbra desktop processes and restarting Zimbra desktop. These issues have been somewhat difficult for me to reproduce because they only appear after Zimbra desktop has been installed and running for a while, and only on a low spec machine, for the first week or so it runs fine and it it runs fine on my higher spec machines. Is there something I'm doing wrong in setting this up or should I just wait for a patch to Zimbra desktop?
Specs for problem machines:
Win xp sp3
2.66Ghz Pentium D