I've just installed Zimbra Desktop (the latest version) and, having never used it before, cannot find the settings I'm used to seeing on email clients. Also, the FAQ and users guide mention so many different settings and show pictures that don't come anywhere close to what I'm seeing on my version of the desktop. This combined with the fun I had trying to register a user name on this forum--took way too long-- has caused me a world of frustration.

So, from the beginning:

1) I've set up a Yahoo! account on Zimbra but cannot figure out how to set the synch schedule or where to find this setting.

2) I also do not want to delete my messages from the Yahoo! server. I'm using Zimbra as my "email backup" so that my messages and contacts are left online, but that I have copies on my PCs in case something happens to Yahoo!'s servers (heaven forbid). But I cannot find that nifty little "leave messages on server" setting most email clients have.

Right now, these are my most pressing questions. I'm using Windows Vista Business as my OS. Any advice on how to proceed with doing what I want? My Google-fu only comes up with the same FAQs and three or four threads from 2008 (and a different edition of Zimbra) no matter what search tags I use.