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Thread: Import/Export accounts from one computer to another?

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    Question Import/Export accounts from one computer to another?

    Dear Friends,

    Installed the latest Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 Build 10978 onto a desktop PC and a notebook PC both running Win7 Ultimate 64bit.

    Already setup multiple email accounts on the desktop PC (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and want to simply export/import or transfer these same accounts into the Zimbra running on the notebook PC, without having to re-create the same multiple accounts all over again.

    How can this be done?

    Read through many of this forum's topics, searched, etc. and can't find anything that answers this or actually works. I've used both the export function and the backup function, saved all the .tgz files properly (eg. Zimbra Exported Rand Hotmail All Folders Settings-2011-11-10-105212.tgz)

    After re-creating one account on the notebook PC to just use the software normally, I went into Import/Export, but one can only import into the Local Folders Import/Export section. This doesn't re-create any email accounts that can be synced.

    I went to the Restore from Backup function but there's no option to browse where the backups are stored to restore anything. I've even tried copying the same folders from within Zimbra on the desktop PC, completely closing Zimbra on the notebook PC, then pasting those folders into the same Zimbra location, etc. Nothing happens except having identical folders on both computers, but Zimbra won't display the same multiple accounts.

    Again, how do you transfer/import/export/backup/restore accounts you've already created in one Zimbra Desktop to another computer running the same Zimbra Desktop?

    It should be very simple to do, instead of manually re-creating all these email accounts once again on another computer running the same Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 Build 10978.

    Any help would be appreciated. Please email me directly

    Many thanks...

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    This would be a great feature that is yet again overlooked. I'm having an issue with the program and someone's suggestion was to uninstall and delete the appdata folder for Zimbra Desktop. Well, I have about 40 accounts. That's a lot of recreation. Would rather export the basic settings like Outlook Express could 20 years ago.

    So many problems with Zimbra Desktop I'm considering going back to Outlook, especially due to the lack of support.
    Release 7.1.4_GA_2555.RHEL5_64_20120105094627 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition.

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