We are using Zimbra Desktop (newest version 7.1.2) and ZCS 7.1.3 Ubuntu 8.04 x64. We just did an upgrade from ZCS 6.x to 7 as well as an upgrade of ZD to the new version. I have a user that has a whole bunch of calendars, server side and local folder side. Before all the upgrades everything was working fine with her calendars, but now she cannot create a new appointment within any of the local folder calendars. It basically says that "Item whatever" does not exist. I have looked in the zdesktop.log and found the following warnings regarding this. "2011-11-23 12:29:52,240 WARN [btpool0-100] [mid=2;] calendar - Ignoring deleted folder 375" And it lists I think all of the local folders this way. I need help with this, what can I do to fix it. I have not tried to reindex yet. All the "server side" calendars work properly, it is just the Local Folder calendars that are messed up.