I want to store all my emails on my own hard drive.

But I also want them to remain on Yahoo and Gmail as long as those venues contine to give them space.

I am running Zimbra Desktop on a WinXP SP3 machine on my home Lan.

I believe Zimbra stores the emails right here on my machine - but I can't find them in the Zimbra directory structure. Is it a hidden file perhaps? (Though hidden/system files are supposed to be on view on my machine).

Where are they?

I've seen a method of storing locally called making local folders. It sounded like a method to be used when Zimbra Desktop was being run on a Lan Server and client individuals wanted their stuff on their own client machines on the Lan. Well that doesn't apply here, I think.

But it did say something about when local folders are made and the emails are put there then they'll be deleted from the server.

I'm not sure what this means and how/if it applies to my setup.

Does it all mean I can pick this method on my installation and have a local folder on my machine keep all these emails in plain view (rather than perhaps encrypted in some hidden zimbra directory)?

And does it then mean, if the above is true, that those emails will be deleted from Yahoo? Or does it simply mean that Zimbra will be instructed not to list them again - but they'll still exist on Yahoo? Still seeable by a normal login to Yahoo?