I have posted several threads with problems but I don't have any answer on those. I summarize some of the very important ones :
1) Calendar not working. I create appointments but don't appear anywhere.
2) Address book other than gmail , cannot be created in other mail or local folders and can't be used. If I don't have a gmail account or not Zimbra Server, I cannot have addr.book in ZD to select my recipents when composing a message.
3) Contacts exported in csv file type, for Outlook formats cannot be imported in Outlook 2007. In fact the only exported csv file that works is from one ZD client to another.
4) Mail filtering doesn't work. Although a filter is created for a specific mailbox with a filter , it doesn't move the incoming mail automatically to the specified folder.
5) Couldn't find the usage of LinkedIn under Zimlets ..(??)

Can anybody please answer the above points here or in the corresponding threads already posted ?

Thank you very much.