Before I open a support ticket on this matter I thought I would ask the community whether they have managed to get the following scenario to work.

We have two Microsoft RDS servers (2K8) that are within a single domain, and each server has Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 installed on it. Using a GPO we have redirected Domain Users AppData directory to a central file server.

When a user signs onto one of the RDS servers their C:\Users\<logon_id> is redirected to the central server; which means any configurable options set are available across the RDS farm.

Now the problem in hand is that ZDC does not appear to honour all of the settings; and I believe is hard coding the server name into one of its files.

If I connect to one of the RDS servers and launch ZDC all works fine, I configured an account, and it syncs quite happily. I close ZDC, and the tray icon, and launch it again and not problems at all. I then sign off that server and connect to the other one in the RDS farm. I launch ZDC and then it just hangs! the nice red circle keeps spinning and spinning until I get a script timeout error.

I have scanned the registry under \HKCU\Software\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop on both servers and do not see a different. I have ran ProcMon against ZDC when it launches and cannot see any really errors I I completely wipe the Zimbra directory on the central file server and sign onto the other RDS server and create the account again it works fine; though when I move back to the other server I see the same symptoms.

Any thoughts ? Until we crack this issue it really puts the brakes on the use of ZDC in the Enterprise as there is not a way to fail over within a resilient RDS/Citrix farm IMHO.