Wow, this is one quirky email client!!!

Can't find how to do things or adjust basic setting that are rudimentary in other apps. Can't find useful help tools for what I can't figure out.
But worst of all; I keep losing emails I'm composing for no good reason.

I'm just typing along and POOF!! The text is gone. The email is gone. Nothing!
This time when it happened, I caught the flash at the top that said; "moved to undone". What the heck is that!!!????
There's no folder, no trash, no nothing. Not even a mention of it in the help!

It unbelievably frustrating to write an important letter, only to have an hour's worth of careful wording just vanish!!!!
But to then have the app say that it went somewhere, but that somewhere is unfindable, this is wack!!!
Please help me not throw my netbook through the wall!! :-)