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    Default ftp / webdav

    I have linked into briefcase via webdav works great expect:
    I am trying to use as document storage center everything in one location but try moving 50 gig of data via webdav not good. How can I do a mass data upload at least once to get all files centralized.

    Can I use ftp or plug hard drive into sever and drop into briefcase?
    If in the future there is a way to do this great that would be better then Alfreco.

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    I'm trying to do a similar thing (move certain files from attachments in a specific user), but I have no idea how to do this automaticaly, though eg. ftp commands

    Could you be kind enough to tell us how you connect with ftp - webdav to a user space, and at attachment folder (or briefcase .. it's the same for me ...)

    Thanks a lot,

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