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Thread: ZD7.1.2: Saved Search Query not as expected

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    Default [SOLVED] ZD7.1.2: Saved Search Query not as expected

    If I try saving a simple search query on date as e.g. yesterday and only select the inbox I get a search result with mail dublets. The resultlist have all mails that can be expanded. One single mail is in 3 places; the local inbox, in the G-mail All Mail and Important mails. In the search I didn't select either GMail All Mail or Important mail, but they are returned in the search result anyway.

    This is the entry I save as a search query and it gives mail dublets:
    in:inbox (date:yesterday)

    But I have a second saved search query. This entry doesnt give any dublets and shows only mails in the inbox:
    in:inbox (date:-0day)

    Of cource I want to have no dublets in my saved searches, so how do I avoid this?

    Kent Knudsen
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    Found out myself. The search-result should be viewed message-wise and not conversation-wise.

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