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Thread: saving sent messages in sent folder

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    Default saving sent messages in sent folder

    I have selected "save a copy in sent folder" in composing mail preferences, but my sent folder is empty. I use gmail, and the messages do get sent, and show up as 'sent mail' in my gmail account when I access it online. However, the Zimbra desktop Sent Folder remains empty.

    I saw other posts on this here, but never found a solution. Is Zimbra simply not suitable for use with gmail?

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    Hi. I experience the same problem with XP and Zimbra 7.1.2. The 'save a copy in Sent Folder' is marked, but when sending a mail through my Gmail account, the mail is actually being sent, I see it in the Draft folder while i am composing, it goes alright to the outbox for a while, but it never appears in the sent folder, while it works fine with my Ymail account and other IMAP. Please, we need help . .

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    Hi I have exactly the same problem using windows 7 + Zimbra 7.1.2. Any hint ? All parameters seem correct, I have two other different accounts (POP3) and everything is working fine.

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