We use Zimbra (Web) for our email and calendar system at our corporation.

We can also interface using Outlook, Thunderbird, other apps...

We all have our own "personal" corp email acct, which I can fully interact with using Zimbra mail/calendar and Outlook.

Recently I requested that a generic acct be created so we could use it as a general team calendar. It was set up and configured.

I configured users to be able to VIEW the Zimbra Calendar.
I configured myself and various others to be Managers of the same Calendar.

I've added the calendar to my Zimbra and OUtlook App.
From Outlook, I can add/edit/delete - fully manage the shared calendar

However from Zimbra Calendar, I can only VIEW the shared calendar.
I can't manage it, even though the permissions all look ok as a manager.

I can even manage it from my iphone. So, I know the manager rights are there. But Zimbra fails to display the shared calendar in the options calendar pull-down menu when trying to add a new calendar appt.

Also, while I can see all the shared calendar appts I create from Outlook when using Zimbra, they are all grey'd out so I can't even edit those events.