I have an html signature coded into an html file, uploaded into the briefcase so I could copy/paste it with all my formatting into the signatures panel (since raw source html isn't editable from there). I have some text set with "webkit-text-size-adjust: none" so the layout doesn't break on webkit email clients.

When I use the signature from the AJAX web client, everything looks and works great. However when I send from the Desktop client (7.1.2 build 10978), the "webkit-text-size-adjust: none" elements get stripped out and my text gets mashed together. I mainly use these on links to a vCard and legal copy I'm forced to place, so it's not for critical items that need extra legibility in a smaller format.

Does anyone know a way around this issue from Zimbra Desktop? I've been using all inline CSS styling so I'm not sure why the web client would send without stripping the code and the desktop client does.

I've placed the code at the table level which works fine on the web client and Apple Mail client. I have tested placing it in the link styling, since I am using custom link colors, but that doesn't work. Also putting any styling in the header, is also stripped out - which I assumed would happen.

Any thoughts out there?