So I have appointments on my Outlook 2010 calendar and when an email is related to that appointment, I drag the email into the appointment and it appears as a file you can click on to open. After saving and closing it, upon reopening the appointment all emails within are renamed to lsmssp32 instead of the subject of the email. Also, it will randomly have one of these <<...>> for every attachment in the appointment and it just puts that where ever it wants.

-This happens in Office 2010 running on Win7
-When I pull my email up in Office 2003 on XP everything looks fine
-They are also named lsmssp32 if I log in directly on the internet
-Our Zimbra Server is on 6.0.7 and I have tried multiple connectors to no avail.

This is really confusing and I want to say it has something to do with syncing from Outlook to the Server, but I can't find anything anywhere on this topic.