Last night, a dialogue box popped up saying there was an update for Zimbra. So I ran the update. I'm afraid I don't understand much about tech talk; I just used the dialogue box and went ahead with it.

This morning when I went to open Zimbra again, it appears to be a completely empty install, with none of my old accounts or the e-mails associated with them. Looking into it in Windows Explorer, the "data/store" folder is empty. I'm not sure where else files would be stored.

I don't know what my prior version of Zimbra was. It was originally installed sometime after July of 2011... I'd say probably within a couple months. And I don't recall being prompted to do an update for it between now and then.

As to what the new version of Zimbra is... all I can tell is that the "release notes" and "faq" links at the bottom of the window lead to pages about Zimbra Desktop 7.

I'm desperately hoping my e-mails aren't permanently lost... but I don't know where they might be or how to retrieve them. I have checked my recycle bin, and didn't see anything that looked like it was associated with Zimbra. I'll admit, though, that I don't know enough of what I'm looking for to be sure I wouldn't miss it.

I'd deeply appreciate any guidance I can get in how to deal with this situation.