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Thread: Sync issues-Contact & Calendar from Exchange

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    Default Sync issues-Contact & Calendar from Exchange

    Hi everyone,
    I'm using Exchange 2007 server on my company. And we decided to use Zimbra Mail client on our laptops. I just wanna test Zimbra Desktop in my company before it.It'a a good application but I have some questions;

    1) Global Address List.
    In my outlook, I can see all of my contacts. (they are stored in exchange server). In Zimbra, I cant see any of them. Is there any add-on for this?

    2) Calendar& public folder
    In outlook, I have too many meetings, meetings rooms, etc. But I can't see in Zimbra. Is there any add-on for this?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    1. For your address book you need to configure the GAL in Zimbra admin console.

    A. On zimbra admin console.
    B. Click on configuration and select your domain like
    C. Click on configure GAL.
    D. GAL Mode : Both
    E. In search box : 1000
    F. Data source name for internal gal : anyname
    G. Internal GAL polling interval : as per you requirment
    H. Data source name for External GAL : anyname
    I. Server type : Active directory
    J. give you AD server name and port 389 or 636 as applicable.
    K. In Search base give values like for example : dc=abc,dc=com
    L. Click on next and And give the bind DN as
    E. Click next and on next scrren click next.
    F. On next screen Check if your settings are working and if all goes
    well you should get results back in return from AD.


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    For calendar thing you have to do some modification on both Zimbra and
    Exhcange end.Below link will be of great help.

    Free Busy Interop for Exchange - Zimbra :: Wiki


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