I am very new to Zimbra, and I apologise if this is in the wrong thread.
I run a small PC repair bizness (just myself at present) and have been using Thunderbird with lightning as a pim on a windows xp machine as I don't like outlook. However there are not sufficent facilities with that setup, and have been looking for another pim tjhat will provide me with:-
1. ability to run multiple email adresses with a decent spam/junk folder,
2. Intergrated calendar, task and todo facilities (customisable), this is where lightning falls down on the task setup (too simplified).
3. Portable ability.
Zimbra desktop looks as thought it will provide most of that quite well, however I have several setup queries:-
A. I initially set up with two email addreses (both primary accounts), plus the "all mailbox" folder. This works well, however i can't see how to change the icon one of the email accounts to distinguish it in the all mailbox folder, is this possible?
B. I decided to live without the "all mailbox" folder and deleted it, however that also removed the junk mail folder. How do you set up the junk folder in the actuall email folder? Also i noticed that if you click on a message and then click on spam it deletes without going into the junk folder, can this be changed?, in case of a mistake in classifying mail.
C. I would like to syncronise with my Blackberry however I have checked on the zimbra comparison site and can see that is only available in the Network version, is this correct? I tried to install the 60day trail of this, however the only downloads are for linux, is this not available for win xp?
D. Finally from the forum I can see that there is a hidden admin ui, however I can't work out how to access it. Although I repair PC's, I am not up on setting up domains apart from basic email/broadband accounts.

Sorry if its a bit long, and the answers are obvious, anyhelp would be much appreciated - Note: I would consider running a Linux pariiton for this.