I'm running the latest v7.1.4 GA release of Zimbra Desktop on Ubuntu 11.10.

I have about 1.5GB of messages that are stored in Local Folders. I have tried to back them up using

Preferences | All Accounts | Backups

and then checking "Local Folders" and nothing else before clicking "Backup Accounts Now".

I've also tried to export them to a *.tgz file using

Preferences | Local Folders | Import/Export

choosing Export Type: Account, Source: All folders, leaving all the Advanced settings at their default settings (everything checked EXCEPT "Only export content files, exclude meta data", no start or end dates, no search filter), and clicking Export.

In either case, a small (250K) *.tgz file results containing nothing but meta data.

Unless there's something I don't understand about backing up local folders, that archive of meta data isn't going to do me much good if I want to install Zimbra Desktop on another computer and import my local folders from my present computer.

Is there something else I'm supposed to do in order to tar up the actual messages in my local folders?

By contrast, I should mention that if I apply either of the above procedures to my live Zimbra mailbox that's synced to my mail server, then the *.tgz file that's produced is of an appropriate size (650MB for a 950MB mailbox) and it contains both the messages (in *.eml form) and the corresponding meta data.

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