I'm taking Zimbra Desktop for a test drive because I'm so fed up with Outlook. Our company runs MS Exchange 2010 and I have configured it to enable IMAP connections.

I save a lot of emails that are sorted in folders and sub folders that I created in Outlook. While setting up Zimbra and initiating the first sync with Exchange, my entire folder structure was replicated perfectly in Zimbra, but for some reason only about half of the folders contain any of my saved emails. The rest of the folders are empty. I let the sync continue overnight but no progress. I think all the data is about 1GB in size.

I can send and receive emails just fine, but I would really like to get my entire data file up to date on Zimbra.

Also, I'm unclear on how Zimbra handles 'Contacts'. I had assumed that the sync with Exchange would also include my contacts, but presently the Address Book in Zimbra is still empty.

Finally, I'm really open for ideas on how I can step away from the Microsoft world when it comes to managing my email, contacts, & calendar. In my business I'm stuck in the Microsoft world due to the insurance company mandates that we work with. However, in my personal world, I moved over to Mac about a two years ago and couldn't be more pleased. I'm running a Mac Pro, Mac Book, iPad, iPhone, and Mac server. I've got about 600 contacts and about 5 different email accounts. I know there are a hundred ways to skin this cat but I'm looking for something simple and efficient. If I could sever the relationship with Exchange, it wouldn't break my heart. But I do need to keep all my devices synced.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.