I couldn't find anything addressing this in the forums, so hear it goes...

I am running zimbra desktop on windows7, and for the most part, everything has worked fine.

I was prompted by Zimbra to do an upgrade, and I got an install failed notice. I rebooted, was asked by Comodo security to approve an action by Zimbra and did. Then I just got the spinning disk and had to reboot again.

I was again asked by Comodo security to approve another action by Zimbra (sorry I do not have the specifics, my bad), and now Zimbra desktop starts up. BUT, it is the fresh install screen telling me to choose an email provider... Add another account etc.

Worse yet, I have not actively backedup using the Zimbra utility in a while, however, halfway through the process I did copy my Users/Appdata/Zimbra file to another location just in case.

So... what should I do now????