i am new to Zimbra. i am not a programer just a user trying to get away from the poor functions of Outlook with IMAP.

I recently installed Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 (build 11273). i am using windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system. It's a fairly new laptop PC from Samsung. All of my files synced up nicely with my IMAP account at Godaddy. i have my own domain and my emails come through that domain (@aaflgroup.com).

so i see my folders and i am receiving emails just fine but if i try to reply to a message or send a fresh message, regardless of whom i send it to, it comes back with a message in my inbox that says: "Delivery Failed; Invalid Addresses"

i have checked my port settings and imap settings. i even tried a differenct outgoing port. i normally use port 80 on sending with Outlook with no problems. Port 3535 also returns the same messages. I have tried port 25 but the setup program for Zimbra gives me another error message...Zimbra won't let me use port 25.

i am not a programmer so please give me the Zimbra for Dummies response and advice please? thanks in advance!