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Thread: pin to tasbar: zdclient.exe doesn't have an icon

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    Default pin to tasbar: zdclient.exe doesn't have an icon

    Very, very small issue, but quite annoying to (at least, to me it is!).

    Thanks to a bug in windows 7, if you pin the shortcut to the taskbar, you get two icons displaying when the program is run (I think this bug affects a lot of software, but not sure if it will ever get fixed).

    The current workaround is to start the program first, and when it appears in the taskbar, right click it and pin it directly (as opposed to pinning its shortcut).

    However, when this is done with Zimbra Desktop, the 'cool' icon that the shortcut uses is replaced with an ugly generic icon because the executable doesn't contain its own icon resource.

    Any comment or advice is welcome.

    BTW, very cool program; the imapping to gmail is great compared to Outlook 2007/2010.
    I'm really looking forward to using Zimbra. Thanks for making it freeware.

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    Oops... as always, I spend hours trying to research a bug like this, and then
    five minutes after posting on a forum for help, I stumble across a solution myself!

    · control panel -> folder options -> view -> uncheck 'hide protected sys files'
    · start zimbra
    · right-click the program's taskbar icon and pin it (changes to generic icon)
    · right-click icon -> right-click zdclient -> properties -> shortcut tab (if you didn't pin the program in the previous step, the shortcut tab doesn't display)
    · change icon button -> OK -> browse to: C:\Windows\Installer\{3ECB899B-022C-4074-BE16-C0AC07830361} (if you can't find that folder, get the correct path from the desktop shortcut)
    · choose ZD_Installer_Icon.exe -> ok -> ok -> apply

    It changes immediately on my machine, but you may have to reboot to get it to change.
    If you unpin it at any point, you'll have to repeat this process.
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