I recently set up a new account with Zimbra and I accidentally mis-spelled the email address in the account settings. I am a bit of a noob and initially fixed this by changing it to the correct settings under the persona.

Now that I am no longer at my home, I need to provide authentication to the remote server in order to be able to send email. The problem is that my email address (which is mis-spelled originally) is greyed out in the settings section of the preferences.

Additionally, when I go back to "My Account" and "Add New Account" tabs and select "My Accounts", I still cannot change the email address (again, it's greyed out).

I thought about just creating a new email account with the name spelled correctly and deleting the old account, but the settings tell me that I will lose all my downloaded mail, contacts, etc.

Is there any way to change the greyed out email address so that it is spelled correctly and so that I can send mail with authentication?