This is a repost of my question back in Jan 2012 that I posted on the original thread here but I understand that thread was marked "Solved" therefore perhaps nobody is paying attention to it now (?).

Well, I have sort of a similar issue. Ever since I had upgraded to ZD 7.1.2 and now to the very latest 7.1.4 GA (build 11299) for 32-bit linux (I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit), the URL's whenever I click on it does not get passed properly to my web browsers. For example, if the url in the body of an email in ZD shows:

I click that URL and it opens my browser (either Chrome or Firefox) but the link being passed to the browser is the following link:

Therefore the link does not load properly.

I scoured the almighty google but could not find any meaningful clues to my issue. It is not an Ubuntu default browser issue because I had already tried it and the URL's do not load properly in either browser (Firefox or Chrome). The URL is always being passed somehow!

The issue is isolated to ZD only (I think) because when I created a new LibreOffice document and typed "", Firefox (and Chrome) opened and loaded the link properly!