Firstly I apologize for starting a new thread on a topic that has been covered, but not necessarily for users like myself. I've searched and read the advices given on the forum but Zimbra still refuses to connect to hotmail. I've doubled checked the settings for both incoming/sending servers and they are correct (from Thunderbird), which is also the same as what most have advised,

Surely there has to be something wrong with these SIMPLE setup. Thunderbird does it on the fly easily so why can't Zimbra? I just don't understand why this should be this difficult. I understand others have it working but it isn't working for me and I've fiddled around with it for 2 days now...2 days!

Yes I like the look of Zimbra and would like to move to it as my email client but without proper email support it's not going to be possible. If anyone has any other advice to get this working please let me know. Thank you.

Current version: 7.1.4 GA build 11299