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Thread: Trusted addresses/domains missing in latest ZDesktop

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    Question Trusted addresses/domains missing in latest ZDesktop

    I can not find a way to access Trusted addresses/domains anywhere in the latest Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 GA (build 11299)

    Apparently older versions did not have this problem?
    Zimbra Web Client User Interface Changes for ZCS 7.0

    I did get the pop-up balloon for an email asking me if I wanted to always trust that sender and show images etc, and that's why I'm searching for "Trusted Addresses/Domains" because now I want to REMOVE/undo that and not trust that sender anymore.

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    it's located at Preferences..<YourMailbox>..Mail..Trusted Addresses.

    I'm using the same build and detected it to appear for my Zimbra mailboxes, but not for the POP3 and IMAP mailboxes.
    I've filed a bug at Bug 75778 - Preferences for trusted addresses won't show up for IMAP and POP3 mailboxes

    Which kind of mailbox are you using?

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