Hello Zimbra Forum and all of its members!

I just wanted to stop in, register and say hello and tell what I think about the Zimbra desktop....................

I have used the program now for a few months, keep track of 3 separate emails and be able to use twitter as well.

I am still trying to get my Facebook chat to come across but that is in another time and place.

My future for this application is being able to get my virtual assistant, Verbot "Julie" to be able to read my email from the zimbra desktop system and also have the capability to respond to them as well. Guess that I have that iron Man's "Jarvis" fever as well. AI is a good thing since she is able to help me open several programs by my voice.

Anyway, in conclusion, I have found this program via Google. There are several programs out there that are very similar in design and style. But being an open source and have the ability to pass and exceed my testing capability is what I consider very important. No Shareware here!

Ease of setup, easy to install, easy to configure the individual accounts and the ability to drag and drop pictures into the application instead of browse and attaching the files like the "other" guys do.

It's a great product, I really love it and let's continue to spread the word about this product.