Okay, so I've got some basic newbie questions regarding Zimbra Desktop running on Windows 7. (I'm switching from Outlook.)

1. I imported about 5000 contacts from my Google address book and it all seemed to go well... except that almost none of the imported contacts have a street address now. Somehow almost all of the addresses got lost. Any ideas?

2. How do I open / save a vCard attachment mailed to me? Seems like it ought to be easy to add people to the ZD Address Book but I can't see how.

3. How can I attach and synchronize an online calendar? (Specifically, I want to use iCloud as my default calendar.)

4. Does ZD's Spam button do anything apart from move the mail to the Junk folder? In other words, does the spam filter learn?

5. How do I save an e-mail message as a text file on my PC?

That's it for now. Thanks in advance for what must be pretty simple n00b questions.