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Thread: Printing problem zimbra

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    Default Printing problem zimbra

    Hello All,

    We have a problem about printing mail. I installed last version zimbra desktop but problem is continue. When i want to print a mail and then click to print button. I got an error screen "No results foun". A screenshot in mail below. I research in forums but didn't find. What can i do for this? Please can you help me?
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    we're experiencing the same problem here, a problem that seems to have started with the most recent versions of ZD.
    Still we don't have any idea why this happens, as for other new problems (i.e. zero byte attachments in sent mails) that we often experience as we install newer releases. The weird thing is that these problems seem to be so environment-dependent, because other people we know that are using Zimbra don't experience these problems.
    So frustrating...

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