I've installed Zimbra Desktop latest version on Windows 7 x64 and it is working great with my imap accounts.

I'm interested in extending it, but at the momment, I am not using the collaboration server.


1. Are there any Zimlets or other add-ons that can be used with Zimbra Desktop without using Zimbra Collaboration Server(ZCS)?

2. IF SO, how do I tell which ones and where do I find them?

3. IF NOT, if I install the ZCS Open Source Edition, will that allow me to use Zimlets or Add-Ons even though I am using third-party IMAP email and not actually using ZCS to serve email?

3. B. It appears that if I install ZCS to gain access to Zimlets and do a simple config, ZCS should run on it's own without a lot of attention. Is this correct? What I'm really asking is if the effort involved to install and maintain ZCS primarily to access Zimlets is worth the effort!!