I am having trouble migrating local folders from an old XP machine running Zimbra desktop to a new Mac also running Zimbra desktop. I have tried the backup and restore function, but it seems that this only works locally, ie once I have run a backup I can only restore to the local machine. Is there a way to restore to a different machine?

I have also tried the export / import function, ie I export the local folders from the XP machine to a tar.gz file, and then import them on the Mac. This has never worked successfully. The most I've managed to get is a couple of folders. One problem seem to be that the export function doesn't always complete, but the main issue seems to be that the import function gives me no feedback at all, so it is impossible for me to know what is going on, if anything. No matter how long I wait, nothing seems to be imported.

The most success I've had has been to drag the local folders to an online folder on the XP machine, and then back to the local folders on the Mac. However even this isn't reliable, there is no indication of when all the messages have been moved online to know when I can move them back. And it takes a long time, we're talking around 10gigs of mail.

Any help most appreciated. There must be a reliable way of doing this. I haven't tried just copying files yet, will this work?

Thanks in advance,