Hello All,

First of all, allow me to congratulate everyone involved in this project. Have recently migrated a network of 40 users to zimbra from exchange, for our NGO, I must say am really impressed with the performace and versatility and easy of installation of the product, qualities which are not normally synonymous with linux stuff, especially when it comes to ease of deployment.

My setup works great, and it has been doing so for the last 10 days now, and so I decided that some form of backup was necessary. My idea was to have a replica zimbra server, which would sync with the main server every 24 hours, in case of a major disaster, all that has to be done is update dns pointers, and 2 firewall rules.

I installed the 2nd server, and threw together a script from bits and pieces I found on the web to first export the ldap directory and then export mailboxes in tar.gz

the mailboxes part works great (if I re-create the users on the second machine manually)

/opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com "//?fmt=zip&resolve=reset" "/backup/user@domain.com.tgz"

but if I export ldap contacts on "master" : /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmslapcat /mnt/backup_on_secondary_server/ldap_accounts

and import on the "slave" :
/opt/zimbra/openldap/sbin/slapadd -q -b "" -F /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/config -cv -l /backup/ldap_accounts/ldap.bak

the import appears to be succesful, it even throws errors for the users are already present, however, from that point onwards, the installation breaks down, I am unable to login to any mailbox (on the seconday server) or to restore any mailbox.

If I try to restore the mailboxes (using the command above) infact I get the following error :-

ERROR: service.TOO_MANY_HOPS (mountpoint or proxy loop detected)

https://server:7071 brings up the login screen but as soon as you enter the credentials the screen will freeze on loading

/var/log does not seem to contain anything useful.

The problem is apparently with ldap, but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

I am running Zimbra (7.2.0_GA_2669_CentOS6_64)

Thanks in advance