I need some help with Zimbra Desktop. I installed Zimbra Desktop to replace Outlook for one user. Zimbra Desktop works much better than the Outlook 2003 he had when connecting via IMAP to the office in-house email server. Here it was all fine untill the user made some requests of things he had working in Outlook. I have not been able to meet those requests and there is where I need your help. This is the list:

1- The user wants to use Arial 12 as default font for email and signature but that font is not even in the list of fonts that Zimbra Desktop shows me. Arial is available in the list of fonts in Windows XP's Control Panel but it looks like Zimbra does not consider that.

2.- The user had an email template with the company logo on top so when he writes an email the message looks like a letter with letterhead. How can I modify the default email template so I can add the HTML file already created with the company logo?

3.- Spell check.- Current spell check is the default that comes with Zimbra Desktop (English US) and the user needs Spanish. How can I configure this in Zimbra Desktop?

4.- I am not sure about this one. The "To" field does not show up in Sent Items folder for that user, the "From" field shows instead. I say I am not sure because on my Zimbra Desktop it is ok.

Zimbra Desktop version being used is 7.1.4