I have found that email software is one of the least sophisticated programs extant, hardly improved since CompServe and Netscape Messenger, in fact, many of their features have been lost in the dumbing down of emial software "clients" over the years.

Where does Zimbra DeskTop stand as it tries to go beyond "mere" email -- has Zimbra DeskTop negleted "mere" email in trying to do to many other things, so none of Zimbra DeskTop's email features are done well, and none of Zimbra DeskTop's overall features are market-leading let alone market-defining?

I expect each new software I try to be smarter and easier than the last software I tried; here are some initial observations at my frustrations and chagrin at Zimbra DeskTop 7.1.4 GA (build 11299) as of 2012-06-13:

1 - Make the web support forums as multi-paneled as the Zimbra DeskTop so we can keep a list of threads on one side of the screen while reading the contents of each thread on the other side of the screen -- otherwise, scanning, searching, and selecting for existing problems and resolutions is arduous and much too iterative if I have to open multiple screens over and over trying to browse other people's solutions.

2 - Make Zimbra DeskTop folder contents number count default to [ xxx ] total count instead of ( xx ) unread count, and give us a way to control this. I can't see if my folders are synchronizing, which I could do if it showed the total contents count. Instead I have to click on each folder over and over, only to be told "... no results found ...". It's nice that Zimbra DeskTop (and Yahoo web mail) lets us hover over the folder name and it pops up a total count, but until Zimbra DeskTop synchronizes ... that count in Zimbra DeskTop is incomplete -- so, perhaps add "... synchronizing with host not completed, count not accurate ..." would help AND let us know that Zimbra DeskTop is trying to complete our expected tasks. I have no idea if Zimbra DeskTop is working on syncronizing folders, so ...

3 - Make a [ Sync ] control so we can force synchronizing and watch and keep track of synchronizing success --make synchronizing a fine-tuneable activity with an indicator showing progress.

4 - Import / Export PST files to aid migration from "the competition" -- also incorporate Import / Export files for Netscape Messenger and it's offspring ... on down to Thunderbird ... we have archives going back to the 1980s that we'd like to bring back on-line and make available for searching, sorting, and selecting.

5 - Add a [ Copy / Backup / Update All to Local Folders ] feature so we can bring a copy of our cloud data local in order to build and maintain our own archive.

6 - Allow us to load ALL "conversations" when marking them, moving them, controlling them -- 50 at a time on screen is arduous, and I have tens of thousands of "conversations" to go ... argh!

7 - Allow us to right-click anywhere and control the thing we are pointing to, such as right-clicking the top-bar or side-slider on "conservation" display windows and allwoing us a [ Shown / Load ALL ] control.

8 - When I hit [ Ctrl ] [ End ] while pointing to a list, I expect to go to the end of the list, not the ned of the current display -- again, only 50 displayed emails (you call them "conversations", an abberant, inappropriate, and inaccurate term) does not a folder make. When I ask to go to the end, take me there, even if you have to put up a message, [ ... please wait, synchroniging ... 50, 100, 150, ... ] and so on until [ ... 3,016 ... done... ] or whateveer (I have a folder with 134,000 or more emails, and I do not expect to manually force synchrinizing and display by dragging the slider one 50-email screen at a time!), auto loading until YOU finish the work I have requested -- Zimbra DeskTop isn't much of a program if I have to do all the work!

9 - I have a we folder with 3,164 items, ZDT FINALLY shows 3,111 items (close!), yet the ZDT display window of the contents stops at 2,232 items and will not allow me to scroll any more -- should I tank ZDT and move on or can we work something out? Please, give me hope for my folder with 134,000 items in it! ... and finally, it won't let me change the entire contents to [ unread ] even though there are many [ read ] items I want to reset ...

10 - Every time I re-sort a displayed folder, it reverts back to [ 100 conversations ], loosing all my hard work forcing it to load and synchronize the folder's more-than-100 items. Seriously?

I'll stop at 10, I have better things to do. Let me know when some of these issues cross you rprogrammer's assignment event horizons! Thanks for what looks like a wonderful program otherwise so far -- I appreciate that you want to steer it to VMWare cloud management, not Yahoo email from whence you bought it -- I can only hope and wait for it's email savvy to become more sophisticaed.