I'm thinking of offering the zimbra briefcase to my users (~100 or so). The thing that I dislike about the functionality is that mounting a WebDAV drive on windows 7 is slow. The way zimbra briefcase works, means I have to open and edit my documents on the WebDAV drive. With something like Autocad which constantly writes to the drive, working on the zimbra briefcase files would be totally unproductive. However, windoze provides a synching solution for mobile users, windows briefcase. As far as I understand, you just copy the file to be synched to a windows briefcase, and the briefcase keeps it in sync. On the desktop you can still work on the local drive. On the mobile box, you can either edit it in place (slow), or work on a copy and update the briefcase with a the updated copy once you're done. I'd like combine the 2 functionalities, but windows doesn't seem to like the briefcase being on a mounted WebDaV drive. Any ideas? Any other way to sync files to my zimbra briefcase on my desktop without resorting to having multiple copies?