Hi. Newbie here. My neighbor asked me to help in some issues he has in some system (nothing related with Zimbra) but my investigation lead me to review their entire email system. Now he has his network (actually two locations and one server in one of them). They are using Zimbra as follows:

One email account for all the people in their office. All of them receive all the request for the business in that email account and the first available agent took the one email and act upon it. They mark the email accordingly and proceed. In that way all of them knows what is pending, what is covered, etc.

The issue is their invoice system produces the invoices and somehow most of the emails are not reaching their customers, (even copies to another local account) so my first suggestion is to move the web page and email externally. This company is a very small one, they rent equipment and they have their ISP with dynamic IP and using also dyn to solve the DNSs.

They are using Zimbra within the web browser.

We are located in Mexico

Well, my questions are:

Can I have this "architecture" working as today with Zimbra desktop with an IMAP server? or Do I have to install Zimbra server?
Can they use the browser to replicate this environment instead a local app?

Any advise is appreciated.

Regards and thanks for your time.