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Thread: Is Zimbra ok for small businesses?

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    Default Is Zimbra ok for small businesses?

    Hello ; i have just been looking at some videos of Zimbra ; as i am new to the product ; to kind of get an overview of the benefits etc;

    I noticed that there are quite a lot of large companies and organisations that utilise Zimbra, universities, etc... and i saw names like Skype, Bechtel on those lists too.

    What i would like to know please ; is Zimbra useful for smaller businesses ; much smaller businesses ; such as those with 2-5 users / mailboxes?

    Any advice or recommendations would be great! Thanks!

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    I assume you're talking about Zimbra Collaboration Server? It's useful in a business of any size from a single user up-to millions of user (Comcast has 10million users).


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    Thanks for the reply, Bill.

    Sorry if i was vague with my original message, i mean the cloud based e-mail client.

    Many thanks!

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