Has AOL working perfectly and then it stopped sedning e-mails and they just remian in the outbox.

Deleted my account and started to re-setup

Incoming mail

1. What type of account? I seem to only be able to get IMAP to work for incoming with incoming server as imap.aol.com
2. Does the port matter? Default is 143
3. Security - none

Mail is seen in inboxes so I guess the above is OK

Sending mail

1. SMTP server set as smtp.aol.com and port default is 25.
2. No security or authentication - is that needed?

3. Validate and save gives:

Cannot connect to "SMTP server". Please check host/port and network connectivity

This was so straightforward when I started using Zimbra desktop but there are no simple instructions for setup that I can find anywhere


If I leave SMTP blank, I can just read but not send