Hi there I am trying to recover the local messages stored in a ZD 1.04 from a dead Vista notebook.
I've done the following
1. Installed a new ZD 1.04 in a Windows 7 machine
2. Installed a Zimbra Server, created the same account (I had to use a new domain name)
3. Configured ZD with this account
4. copied the three folders form the hard drive of the notebook (STORE, INDEX, DERBY)

Up to this point ZD opens and shows the messages. once again, I'm only interested in recovering the ones from the local folders ... the problems are:

a. Regardless of where it is a local folder message or one allegedly stored in the server, when you try to open it, the error message "NO SUCH BLOB" appears.
b. As you already know, if I export the local folders with this ZD version I only get 1k of useless .tgz

Any thoughts? Any succsess story of this kind of rescue?
Marcelo Mello