I have recently moved to an organisation using Zimbra. The system seems brilliant for integrating my files and email.

However, I have one problem. I use webdav to upload files from my iPad (Pages app) to the briefcase using zimbra.server.net/dav/example@email.com and this works fine, it uploads the file.

However, I cannot see it. If I search for it, then it appears apparently in the 'Folders' folder which I presume is some sort of root directory. HOwever, On Zimbra Desktop, there appears to be no way of accessing this other than using the search function.

The top of the 'tree' is my username, and in that is just briefcase and trash. I can search for it then move it to the right sub-directory (briefcase/clien/a-c/adam for example) but there must be a way of accessing it directly using the desktop.

can anyone help? I've used this forum's search function to get this far, but now I'm stumped!