We currently use zimbra for my company's work e-mail. As of late, the system has been glitchy (2 weeks ago, we were having issues where we weren't able to send or receive any e-mails). That has since been resolved, but now there are problems again.

I was on vacation at the end of last week, so I had setup autoforward and autoreply. the problem is, i had a typo on the autoforward address, and now that i'm back, i can't take off my coworker's e-mail address that i had on auto-reply. so now, anyone who sends me e-mails is getting a bounce back because of my coworker's incorrect e-mail address. Every time I take it off in preference and save it, it would just pop back up.

i've brought it up with our corporate IT department and they said they are aware of the situation, which is a small part of a bigger problem, but they aren't able to give me a timetable on when this can be fixed. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

Many thanks!