I cannot for the life of me figure out how to download an attachment from either desktop or web clients for zimbra. There's nothing active on the attachment line except that the delete link and something tells me the deleting an attachment before downloading is not the right way to go. I'm using Thunderbird now just to download an attachment.

Calendar is driving me insane. I need bidirectional synchronization like so many other people. I have come across lots of solutions that don't work and the simple one of using the URL given by Google to the ICS file is a simple one-way read. I have 3 to 5 calendars active at any time. I have a personal calendar (on Google), one calendar for each client, and I managed the the aggregate of all those calendars on the desktop and my phone.

I could move everything to zimbra if I could control the aggregate presentation. For example, every client gets the aggregate view of my calendars. But they only see their own calendar events, they do not see anybody else's events. They only see busy free.in thinking about this a little bit, I think I would want to mirror my calendars up on Google just because it makes it so much easier to deal with my phone. Google automatically synchronizes between phone and Google calendar.

Is this possible or impossible?