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Thread: Cannot see icons on mail page

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    Default Cannot see icons on mail page

    I have been using Zimbra well until today when the icons on the page disappeared. That is I can only see word and no icons at all. I find it hand to use it especially for printing since cannot see the icons.

    Please help

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    I do have the same Problem. It seems that due to un update on Windows 7 all Browsers on this pc do not interprete Data-URLs correctly.

     f8/9hAAABQklEQVQ4T2NkwAGc1jn9R5baF7SPEZtSrIIghSADgg1C GH7//83QOLmB4f2E96Qb4KHryfD732+Gnund5Blgq2kPdMEvhumzppF ngJGaCdAFvxgWzVtInAGTj03+v/7FenhYqStrMvwCGrBu4Rq4WFNYE0OuVS48PDACRrBA8H9EYhTY 5l9A/4MMAHnj/ZN3DOcPncdwCdaQBRniHg0MQGAMgAz4+uwzVs0gZ+GMRpAh5mG WDL9e/MCpGW5A4NGj/3+wsjJsNzNDMRBkCEgRehpwPnLk/+vduxkuNTYygjWADfjxg2G7szNOFyGnQqwGfP/+nYERYh5B8IudnQHDBd++fWOwlZIiqBmkYO/jxwxvjx9H9cLXr1/Bmv///w/GIPDv3z+4GLrJb0+dQhgAktSrr0fJfYScAgpAvNFIyACYPAD1p 7kR3/zb0gAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==

    Copy this into your Browser, it should show an Icon with a green arrow down. On the PC where no icons are shown the arrow is missing, on pcs where icons are shown (for example windows xp an vista) the green arrow is shown. Anyone an idea how to enable it in Windows 7 again?

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