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Thread: Do not upgrade to 7.2!!!

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    Default Do not upgrade to 7.2!!!

    I just upgraded 7.1.4, which has been working fine for months, to 7.2, just overwriting existing installation as recommended. It will not start! It just pops up saying "Initializing, please wait...", then dies. What did you do to cause this? Did you not even alpha test this wonderful "upgrade"?! Now, if I'm lucky, I will have to uninstall all and start all over again with the old version. Thanks so much.


    I spent hours uninstalling and re-installing this new version. I first tried it in a virtual machine to make sure it worked. It does start now that I nuked everything. I modified the data store location and copied old data there. I had to re-add all my accounts and am waiting for the hellish re-sync to finish while my CPU overheats. It has taken most of the afternoon so far. This really really sucks.

    Another nice "feature"--I lost all my contacts. Well, I was able to import them from the saved data, one account at a time.

    Frankly I don't see any improvement with this version. The old bugs seem to still be there (see below).

    WARNING: If you do install this over a previous version AND you happen to have changed the default directory of the data store (see:, UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS "START ZIMBRA DESKTOP NOW" (or words to that effect) before clicking the "Finish" button and don't start it yet. Otherwise you will lose that data store and will have to uninstall/re-install to get it back. Read the procedure carefully. Why wasn't this "bug" fixed? People should be given a choice of where to store the data. The disk that carries the operating system is a very bad default since this is the disk most likely to crash because of excessive use.

    Bottom line: It is probably not a good idea to upgrade 7.1.4. If you do, simply make a copy the whole install directory of the current version so you can easily get back to it if this fails. I normally would have done that for a major upgrade but didn't think it necessary for an incremental one like this. How wrong I was. Learn form my bad experience.
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