I love Zumbra Desktop, it's a joy to use, but I need to be able to View/Sort by Company Name (like is possible in Outlook).

It is essential for me to be able to view all a company's staff at a glance, in one place, for emailing and calling. Using the Group method is inefficient, inadequate, and cumbersome (just as it is in Outlook). Using Company View/Sort, in conjunction with sub-contact address books offers the most efficiency and flexibility. Also, I know that "File By" is available in the individual contacts (FYI - a global selection would be a nice addition), but filing by Company (First, Last Name) doesn't allow for searching by name or using the aphabetical tabs.

Is there a way to do what I mentioned above (view/sort by company), but I'm just missing it, and/or can you suggest something to achieve this, and if not, are there planned upgrades that will allow this in the future? Thanks for you help.