Hi Forum,

First of all, thanks for the great email client. Especially in Linux.

I just installed Zimbra Desktop for linux. 7_2_1_ga_b11637_20120906070447.

I have successfully configured fastmail imap account without any issues. I am still trying to get the gmail imap working. I am trying to get past the initial sync first. But I couldn't. The problem is Zimbra keeps downloading the same messages over and over. The last attempt created 5 duplicates of each message. My gmail account does not have filters or labels. But I have created several folders and as many filters within Zimbra to move the messages to those folders. I observed that those folders were created as labels in my web gmail even though I have not attached any mails to these labels. I am not seeing any duplicates in the Inbox. All my duplicates are in the folders only. I was suspecting that because my internet went down few times, the sync process had to restart from the start and it downloaded same messages again and moved them to the folders. Maybe because Zimbra was not aware of the mails moved to the folders and kept on downloading. As this does not happen to mails in the inbox. But for the last few hours my internet has been steady and Zimbra had synced almost all of my mails. I am saying almost because the sent folder was still not in sync. At this point, the duplicates started to appear again. I am guessing that my initial sync would never be complete because of this.

Any thoughts on how to fix this?

While writing this post, I got this idea. Reset the Zimbra sync. Then remove all the labels created by Zimbra in my gmail web. Create the folders in Zimbra desktop. Start a new sync. I will post if this works. But I am not sure if Zimbra would start to duplicate again in the next sync, once the folders are propagated as labels to my web gmail.

Thanks for any tips.